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How We Got Started

A powerful brand founded on high quality and service, NE Neungyule has been singularly dedicated to English education and publishing since its foundation in 1980, and today, it is an unquestionable leader of English education in Korea. With its position in the domestic market secure, NE Neungyule then looked to expand overseas and become a global English education company, In order to realize this plan, there was a need for an appropriate brand to enter the global market, and thus, NE Build & Grow was born.

About NE Build & Grow

For a single seed to sprout and grow into a confident free, it takes a great amount of care and unfailing attention, Similarly, in order for young English learners to becomes as comfortable in English as they are in their native tongue, they require a systematic English education program that can be relied upon to be a consistent part of the entire learning process, It is out hope that NE Build & Grow can be such a partner for your child’s English education journey, from beginning to end.

Brand Identity

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