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Subject Link 1

Curriculum intergration reading program

  • Firstly Issued2013.10
  • Target LevelsLow Intermediate, Intermediate
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More Details

  • Author : Amanda Richards
  • No. of Pages : 122
  • Release Date : 2013.10
  • Target Levels : Low Intermediate, Intermediate
  • Main Components : Student Book, Workbook, Audio CD
  • ISBN : 978-89-6694-959-5
  • About : A theme -based reading series to improve students' language abilities and acquire new knowledge

Key Features

ㆍThematic curriculum integration reading program
ㆍInformative background knowledge sections
ㆍInteresting content and useful academic vocabulary
ㆍWell-designed comprehension and critical thinking questions
ㆍSystematic two-step outline and summary activities
ㆍWrap-up activities with concept maps and theme project worksheets
ㆍWorkbook for more vocabulary, grammar, and reading practice

Tale of Contents

Chapter 1  Flowers

Lesson 1  Parts of Plants
Lesson 2  National Flowers
Lesson 3  Robert Schumann’s Musical Bouquet

Lesson 4  The Crazy Cost of Tulips

Chapter 2  Maps

Lesson 5  How to Read a Map

Lesson 6  Descartes and the Fly

Lesson 7  Using Nature’s Compass

Lesson 8  Following Quilts to Freedom

Chapter 3  Food

Lesson 9  A Balanced Diet for a Healthy Body

Lesson 10  Jamie Oliver’s School Food Revolution

Lesson 11  Painting Faces Made of Food

Lesson 12  The Origins of Fruit Names

Chapter 4  Summer

Lesson 13  Why Do We Have Summer?

Lesson 14  A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Lesson 15  The Strange Sweat of Hippos

Lesson 16  The Invention of the Ice Cream Cone