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Meet NE Neungyule, the joy of sound learning

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Founded in 1980, NE Neungyule has always aimed to create a 'sound learning experience' by providing a wide range of services that spans from preschool to adult education.

Founded on 36 years of accumulated educational knowledge and research expertise, NE Neungyule boasts a lineup of high-quality educational products that includes textbooks, reference books, dictionaries, and English newspapers.
Since becoming listed on the KOSDAQ in 2002, our company has diversified by offering e-learning and B2B (Business-to-Business) corporate instruction, opening an elementary and middle school English franchise, creating preschool English educational materials, and exporting our products. Recently, we have launched businesses in math education and Korean preschool education as part of our effort to expand beyond English and become a comprehensive educational expert.

We believe the reason that NE Neungyule has grown into the nation's leading education provider is our steadfast focus on client-centered management, which was established at our inception and remains our core principle today.
Now, with our new corporate brand, NE Neungyule, we are ready to take the next leap from being a leading expert in educational services to a company that provides you with the 'joy of sound learning.'

This 'sound learning experience' that NE Neungyule proposes is one that will allow all people to plan and realize their dreams and maximize their potential in order to enjoy a fulfilling life. It is this desire to make such an educational experience a reality that drives NE Neungyule to tirelessly research and innovate in the educational realm.

Education that makes both teachers and learners happy;
Education that can be trusted to develop correct study habits;
Education that fosters self-confidence through self-learning;
Education that taps into one's potential through balanced learning.

At NE Neungyule, we strive to make such an educational experience a reality.

CEO Joo Min Hong